5 Questions With Interior Designer Piero Lissoni

October 26, 2020

Master Italian Architect Piero Lissoni on The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Miami Beach With The New York Post

You recently completed the new Ritz-Carlton Residences on Miami Beach. What was your inspiration for that project?
Light is a fundamental aspect of this city, so I wanted to connect the outside as much as possible with the inside. What I like most are the large windows, terraces, internal courtyards and suspended gardens.

You also design furniture (now available at B&B Italia in Miami’s Design District) for your projects.
Central to my design vision is human proportion and experience that brings together architecture, industrial design, interiors and graphics. When I design an object, I think of the space in which it will be inserted.

You’re based in Milan, but you’ve become one of Miami’s top designers.
People are drawn to quality work, nothing more. Miami is an international city, and we have a global practice.

What are your favorite buildings in Magic City?
Without a doubt, all the Art Deco [hotels].

Where else do you spend time when you visit?
Miami is now a real metropolis. I like wandering around, discovering the city. There are many beautiful museums, art galleries and very unique antiques and fashion stores. I find it a very interesting city.

By: Christopher Cameron, New York Post